Prayers for Thomas Peters—UPDATED

The young blogger (and son of longtime Bench friend, canon lawyer Ed Peters) was seriously injured in a swimming accident.

Catholic Vote notes:

The entire team here at CatholicVote asks that you to pray for our dear friend, Thomas Peters.

Thomas was involved in an accident yesterday evening and has sustained major injuries. He is awake, responsive, and in stable but critical condition. Family and friends are with him.

Out of respect for Thomas and his family, we will share additional information as is appropriate.

Please keep his recovery in your prayers.

More details from his father’s FB page: 

Thomas Peters was seriously hurt in a swimming accident Tuesday evening. He fractured his 5th cervical vert. and is at Univ. Maryland Medical Center (Baltimore).Natalie Zmuda Peters is there, and the moms Angela & Becky Z flew out a couple hours ago. He moved an arm on command and is undergoing more tests. He has responded pretty well to the immediate steps taken for him so far. I will stay in touch here. Your prayers and well wishes are deeply appreciated.

Tom Peters is 27-years-old.  If memory serves, he was recently married.

Stay tuned.  Please keep him and all who love him in your prayers.

UPDATE: Ed Peters posted this brief note on his Facebook page at about 6 pm ET:

Thomas Peters remains in critical but stable condition with a cervical spinal cord injury. His lungs are looking better. He and Natalie Zmuda Peters know of your prayers, as do we all.