Scenes from an ordination: a beautiful day in Brooklyn

My diocese ordained 10 new deacons this morning, who will by the grace of God become priests next year.  I was privileged to attend the ordination and vest Deacon Jeremy Canna.  Below are some pictures from this wonderful event. The Church is alive and well in Brooklyn, praise God!  Congratulations and welcome, brothers!  Ad multos annos!

St. James Cathedral, Brooklyn.

Commemorative plaque outside.

This was about an hour before the ceremony began.

Deacon Bill McNamara, the DRE at my parish (and a classmate of mine), vested Deacon Jeremy in the dalmatic, and I did the honors with the stole. Bill also proclaimed the gospel at the Mass. 

With the great Ed Wilkinson, editor of the diocesan newspaper, The Tablet. 

And look who else was there: fellow Patheosi, blogger Fr. Michael Duffy!

Ad multos annos!

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