Ordination update: 15 new deacons for Fall River

A reader writes:

I wanted to share with you the Diaconate Ordination, with  Bishop George Coleman, and director of the permanent diaconate, Fr. John Oliveira, at St. Mary’s Catherdral, in Fall River MA.

Ordinandi ~ Deacon Bruce Baxter, Deacon Eduardo Borges, Deacon Brendan Brides, Deacon Robert Craig, Deacon Timothy Flaherty, Deacon Ralph Guerra, Deacon Paul Harney, Deacon Gary Michael, Deacon Paul Levesque, Deacon Frank Lucca, Deacon Thomas McMahon, Deacon Davis Murphy,Deacon Gary Porter, Deacon Lawrence St. Pierre, Deacon Wilfred Varieur.

Congratulations and ad multos annos, brothers!   To those who are interested, there are also videos of the ordination, below, in two parts.  (I was cheered to click on the first video and discover that the processional is one of my favorites: “Go Up to the Altar of God”).  Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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