Looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite clergyman/nerd?

How about a “ceremonial tablet cover”?

The description: 

New for the iPad. Now you can protect your iPad from unexpected drops, bumps, and scrapes while also displaying your faith. These Ceremonial iPad Tablet Cases are made of hi-impact molded plastic and covered with an additional protective layer of Skivertex. Each tablet case is decorated with a dignified gold-stamped cross placed atop a rich seasonal liturgical color of your choice; white, green, red, or royal purple. So much more than a decorative cover, these new tablet cases for the iPad are custom-designed and shock-resistant.

These Ceremonial Tablet Cases will be ideal for clergy who use an iPad to assist in celebrating the Mass, for those who travel with an iPad for ministry, for parish musicians who use an iPad to organize and play music during worship, and for “everyday” Catholics who would like a unique, decorative case for their personal device.

Price: $79.95 for one, $299.95 for a set of four in liturgically correct colors (though not, alas, rose)…