Seven years ago today, everything changed

Do you remember where you were?

Neither do I.

But what happened then has dramatically altered how we live, communicate, interact. It changed everything.

HuffPo explains:

Seven years ago on Jan. 9 Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.

Jobs said Apple wanted to grab 1 percent of the global market for cell phones by the end of 2008. Today Apple holds 12.9 percent of market share for cell phones and, more significantly, has totally revolutionized the digital marketplace.

In the seven years since its introduction, the iPhone has added more and more features to make it just about the only thing you need in your pocket. In other words, the iPhone is a stone cold killer. Let’s say a prayer for the dying and the dearly departed:

Table Manners

Talking to a loved one at dinner can wait. There’s food to Instagram and tweets to read.

Alarm Clocks

When waking up in the morning your favorite song is way better than harsh beeping

Point-and-Shoot Cameras

For convenience, size, speed and price, many have started using the iPhone as their main camera instead of a point-and-shoot model.

That’s for for starters. Read the rest.  

What did we do before we had screens to check and e-mails to answer and food to photograph?  Did people actually, you know, talk?  And listen?  And actually look at each other?


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