Turn the other tweet: social media resolutions from Fr. James Martin

Check ’em out: 

As a user of (pick one) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest or whatever has been invented as I’m typing these words, I make the following resolutions for the New Year:

1.) I will treat everyone with charity and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. No matter how rude they are. And no matter how many times they post annoying comments that make me want to stop typing, put on my coat, drive to their town, knock on their door and sock them. Because Jesus never did that when he posted stuff online. Jesus told us always to turn the other tweet.

2.) I will avoid posting anything anywhere when I’m so angry that I can barely type–or speak. Especially speak. That’s a tip-off.

3.) I will avoid being drawn into an argument with anyone who is apparently (a) crazy; (b) not listening; or (c) both. Even if they call me (a) stupid, (b) a heretic, or my latest favorite insult (which happened the other day) a “poor excuse for a Christian.” I will not be drawn into a pointless argument that will be a waste of time. For both of us.

4.) I will read whatever article I retweet. Most of it anyway. Well, a lot of it.

5.) I will not post too many stories about, or photos of, Pope Francis, no matter what awesome things he does or says. Notice I said not “too many.” “Many” is fine.

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