“Dear Jimmy Fallon…”

My blog neighbor Katrina Fernandez—reading of the late night host’s Catholic roots—wants to woo him back.

She writes: 

A few years ago you surprised and delighted us all by declaring your papist roots in an NPR interview. Only, did you know your interview has been and continues to be used by some as justification to vilify Vatican II and the Norvus Ordo mass, saying it’s a perfect illustration of why people leave the Church? I’m sure you didn’t mean for that to happen but the internet being what it is, stuff happens.

I read that you tried to go back, which is a start, but were deterred by some bad liturgy; which, by the way, would make an awesome musical parody… Bad liturgy till the day I die. You can’t let Conan and Colbert hold claim to all the Catholic shtick. Also, you should totally have Cardinal Dolan on your show.

After quoting extensively from his NPR interview, and noting some cringe-worthy liturgical moments, she extends an invitation:

Whatever your past experiences with a particular parish, known that single church does not encompass the Universal Church. There’s a place for everyone. It may be harder to find for some than others, but it’s there and it’s patiently waiting for you to come Home.

Go and read it all. And yes, I’m looking at you, Jimmy Fallon.