Catholic school retracts job offer to headmaster after his marriage breaks up

It happened in the UK: 

A headmaster was sacked from his job at a top catholic school before he even started because the governors discovered he had split up with his wife.

Christopher Belli, 38, was offered the top job at Corpus Christi RC High School in Cardiff in February following a lengthy recruitment process.

But governors at the faith school suddenly retracted their offer citing “marital reasons”.

After learning that the experienced teacher’s marriage had broken down they decided they no longer wanted him at the school.

The decision was criticised by the National Secular Society who say it makes “a mockery of equality laws”.

The organisations president Terry Sanderson said: “It is disgraceful that state schools are permitted to use public money to enforce this kind of religious correctness.

“There had been a long, drawn out selection process before Mr Belli was offered the job.

“Unless there is something illegal about his marital situation there can be absolutely no excuse for withdrawing a job offer from him if he had been adjudged the best candidate for the role.”

“If this happened to Mr Belli in a community school, he would have strong grounds for a legal challenge.

“But because it is in a faith school he has no protection at all.”

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