Men in shorts, women in sleeves…what’s going on?

After reporting on this fashion phenomenon for summer—men wearing suits with shorts—I stumbled across this item, on bikinis with sleeves.

See below:


Will 2014 be the summer of unexpected sleeves? First Kim Kardashian goes all demure on her wedding dress, now sleeves are popping up on the least likely of places: bikinis.

Unusually, this is a trend that appeals to surfers, the sun-sensitive and those tottering around in heels in the beach bar alike. Long-sleeved swimming costumes – also known by the deeply unglamorous name of “rash guards” – are traditionally worn by surfers to avoid chafing and jellyfish stings, and have been used for stress-free, waterproof SPF protection for children for years. Now, brands as disparate as Asos, Urban Outfitters, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier are translating the style for fashion-conscious adults.

…The costumes speak to the current trend for scuba-influenced luxe sportswear and the 1990s-influenced crop top silhouette, highlighting taut abs more dramatically than the standard bikini.

The real purpose of a bikini is to show off “taut abs”? Who knew?

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