Turkey’s prime minister: women should not laugh out loud



Women should not laugh out loud in public or speak of trivial matters on the phone, according to Turkish deputy prime minister, Bulent Arınc.

Mr Arınc urged men and women to remember the importance of chastity during an Eid al-Fitr meeting on Monday in Bursa, west Turkey, and to have an acute awareness of shame.

He attacked television programmes aimed at young people which encouraged them to become “sex addicts” to an audience which included a majority of men.

There is a moral regression happening within the country, he said, and called on citizens to rediscover the Koran, the holy book of Islam.

“Chastity is so important. It is not only a name. It is an ornament for both women and men. [She] will have chasteness. Man will have it, too. He will not be a womanizer. He will be bound to his wife. He will love his children. A woman will know what is haram and not haram. She will not laugh out loud in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness,” Mr Arınc said.

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