“The Bench” moves to Aleteia

“The Bench” moves to Aleteia November 1, 2015
That sound you hear is the moving van backing up into my driveway.

Beginning Sunday, November 1, you will find this blog over at Aleteia.  Fittingly, the move is happening on the feast of All Saints. (I’m hoping a few of them will help with the wrapping and packing…)

I owe a tremendous debt to all at Patheos and beyond who helped make “The Bench” what it is today—including, first and foremost, my pal Elizabeth Scalia. We go way back—I like to say I knew The Anchoress before she took the veil. She was my first reader back in ’07, and the one who coaxed me from Beliefnet over to Patheos, so it seems inevitable I’d follow her to her new gig.

One of my favorite passages of scripture is all about newness: “Behold, I make all things new.” Aleteia brings me to a new neighborhood, with a new look and some new people to hang out with—and a new name. We’re going to retire the title “The Deacon’s Bench” and, for better or worse, all my postings will be simply as Deacon Greg Kandra. But the blog will be essentially the same, featuring (as we are subtitling this endeavor) “Headlines and Homilies.” And, of course, as always, lots of deacon news and stuff. In essence: same blog, new address.

For future reference, you will be able to find me right here.

Or, if you prefer:


I’ll continue to post on Facebook and Twitter, linking to the blog, so you’ll find me there, too.

The painters are still doing some work, and it will take a few days to arrange the furniture and figure out where to hang pictures.

I’ll be hereabouts for another couple days. But you can find me there Sunday. Please stop by!

St. Anne—patron of mothers, miners and movers—pray for us!

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