“What I learned from 46 consecutive days in church”

Catholic broadcaster Adrian Chiles recently set himself a challenge for Lent:  to go to church every day for more than a month, and never the same one twice. Some of what he found, from the BBC: Wherever I went in the country, and most of my Masses were in London, Birmingham, Swansea and Manchester, it [Read More...]

What happened in Ireland?

View image | gettyimages.com A look at the historic vote Saturday to legalize same-sex marriage, via The New York Times:  The country’s cultural evolution reflects a blend of disaffection with the church, and Ireland’s willingness to embrace a wider vision of itself in the world. As the church lost many people in its scandals and its [Read More...]

Once a Catholic: the life and comedy of Anne Meara

The female half of Stiller and Meara died this weekend at the age of 85 and left behind a rich comic legacy—much of it built on her background as an Irish Catholic born in Brooklyn. Many will remember the hilarious routines she did with her husband Jerry Stiller to promote Blue Nun wine: In 1969, [Read More...]

Aging Catholic nuns find care at a Jewish nursing home

From AP:  For 98-year-old Sister Angela Rooney, it was one of the most jarring moves of her life. She always thought she would live out her days as she had for decades, in a convent under the time-honored Roman Catholic tradition of younger nuns dutifully caring for their older sisters. But with few young women [Read More...]

Celebrating diakonia in Queens

Saturday night, I attended the party celebrating the ordination of Deacon Dean Dobbins, from the next parish over, Our Lady of Mercy in Forest Hills. Sunday, I was privileged to vest and take part in Dean’s Mass of Thanksgiving. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the ministry and the dedicated men who give their lives to [Read More...]

Hailing the “Solomonic appointment” in San Francisco

A few readers have taken issue with my posting on the decision to remove the controversial Fr. Joseph Illo as chaplain at Star of the Sea in San Francisco. One person directed me to this item on a Catholic news site, which he noted gives a more positive assessment of the situation: The appointment of Fr. Perrone, [Read More...]

Homily for Pentecost: “Strike a match. Set the world ablaze.”

Two thousand years ago, men and women who had followed Jesus asked themselves that question on the first Pentecost. And we are the beneficiaries of their answer. All of us who gather to pray and remember and rejoice on this Pentecost are heirs of that first Pentecost. Those first Christians cleared the path, and often [Read More...]

“We beseech you, Lord: look with favor on these servants of yours…”

Prayer of Diaconate Ordination Draw near, we pray, Almighty God, giver of every grace, who apportion every order and assign every office; who remain unchanged, but make all things new. In your eternal providence, you make provision for every age, as you order all creation through him who is your word, your power and your wisdom, [Read More...]

Barack Obama hails beatification of Oscar Romero

  View image | gettyimages.com From McClatchy:  A papal envoy Saturday declared slain Archbishop Óscar Romero “blessed” in a ceremony that drew hundreds of thousands of people and moved the Catholic martyr one step closer to sainthood 35 years after a sniper’s bullet felled him at the altar. Known as a champion of the poor [Read More...]

“Pentecost is at work”: a great day in Brooklyn, as 19 new deacons are ordained

It was a glorious Spring day—and a moment of renewal for the Diocese of Brooklyn. On the day before Pentecost, 19 men were ordained deacons by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph. The church was packed with family, friends, religious, priests and deacons. As the bishop reminded us in his homily: “Pentecost [Read More...]