You’ve never celebrated the Nativity of St. John the Baptist like this before!

Elizabeth has gone into labor. Is everyone ready to welcome St. John the Baptist into the arms of St. Elizabeth? Can you imagine the joy of that moment? Can you see Mary standing at her side, happy tears in both of their eyes?

Church of St. John the Baptist, Ein Kerem, Israel

Hold that thought. Ponder it for a little while. The Messiah is growing in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary even as Mary looks at Elizabeth who holds a newborn John.

This is the prophet of the Most High. This is the one who will announce the One.

Church of St. John the Baptist, Ein Kerem, Israel

John’s birth is prophesied in the final verses of the final chapter of the final book of the Old Testament.

God keeps His promises.

And these two women know it.

Church of St. John the Baptist, Ein Kerem, Israel

They wipe away tears of joy. Mary kisses John’s head. Elizabeth cries. Laughs. Says the most important words to Mary that anyone can say. Thank you. Thank you for saying yes. I have a child because God wanted a prophet. Your Son is the reason I have my son. This is where it begins, this new covenant of grace. This is the beginning–and only you and I know it.

Church of St. John the Baptist, Ein Kerem, Israel

And this also marks the moment when we will say our goodbyes with Mary as she leaves Elizabeth and Zechariah’s home. Our Lady has so far to travel as she ponders all that has happened. Let us keep her company. Invite others to join her as well. We are going to match her step-for-step. Together.

Here is the Facebook Event.

Driving away from Church of St. John the Baptist, Ein Kerem, Israel.

Click over and join the event. From June 24th to August 15th, we will walk 80 miles with Mary. Hit the treadmill. Walk up and down your lane. Find the nearest trail. Ride a bike. Go the full distance in whatever way you can make it. Eighty miles. That’s the distance from Elizabeth’s home in Ein Kerem to Mary’s home in Nazareth.

And we will reflect on all these things.

We will ponder all that is to come.

Come along. Let’s keep Mary company as she returns to Nazareth.


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