Johnson & Johnson’s link to PP: Tell Me It Ain’t So

I have one favorite baby lotion. My mom bought it. The smell of it trips all of my maternal triggers. I want to unwrap a chubby baby and slather it all over their little bodies. Then I want to wrap them up in the baby towel and smell that little baby head.

The olfactory connection to this precious moment is the very reason why I bought the same baby lotion when each of my four children went through the baby years.

I took pride in the fact that my maiden name was Johnson.

It fit.


I identified with the product.

The name.

The smell.

The memories.Levi 1 week

How could they do it? Somebody prove the story wrong, I simply don’t want to believe it. Yet, here it is. (On a brighter note, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, and Xerox have pulled their funding of PP since the news story broke.)

My sixth grandbaby is due in a few months. And I am sad that I will not be indulging my love for Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. I’m not being petty.

It’s just this: the sentimental connection I have between babies and Johnson & Johnson has been destroyed. Unless someone can debunk this story, I simply cannot put that lotion on another precious baby head.


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