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Dumbass: KKK Flag Isn’t Symbol of Violence

A man in Florida who looks like he stepped right out an episode of Cops is flying a KKK flag over his mobile home. But he says don't worry, it's not like he's actually beating up "faggots" or black people or anything. It's just his freedom of speech, dontchaknow. … [Read more...]

Christie: Democrats the Real Party of Intolerance

It's CPAC time again, that magical event every year when grocery stores all over the Washington, DC area run out of red meat because so much of it is being tossed to the rabid attendees at that conference. Chris Christie, desperately trying to pull out of the political tailspin he's been in because of the bridge scandal, told the audience that the Democrats are the real party of intolerance because of some lies he's going to tell: … [Read more...]

Equality Opponents Think They’re the Majority

One of the hallmarks of the right these days is how they convince themselves that everyone other than those liberal socialist communists agrees with them. But a new survey shows that those who oppose marriage equality vastly overestimate the degree to which others agree with them. … [Read more...]

McCullough Blames Gay People for Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Why did Putin send troops into Crimea? Is it because he has clear strategic and financial interests in the territory? Of course not. It's because Obama wears mom jeans. And of course, because we don't hate gay people and oppress them as much as Russia. That's why Putin invaded, says Kevin McCullough: … [Read more...]

Regnerus Testimony Doesn’t Go Well

Mark Regnerus testified as an expert witness in a lawsuit challenging Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage and second parent adoption on Tuesday. It didn't go well. On the same day he testified, his department at UTexas released a statement distancing themselves from his atrocious study. And it didn't hold up well under cross examination. … [Read more...]

I Guess Cornyn Won’t ‘Drop Out of Sight’

The results of Tuesday's Republican primary in Texas have shown just how absurd the Worldnetdaily's claim that Sen. John Cornyn may "drop out of sight" after losing to Rep. Steve Stockman. In fact, Stockman didn't even come close to mounting a serious challenge to Cornyn, who got 59% of the vote to Stockman's 19%. The Worldnetdaily is the Bill Kristol of "news" sites. … [Read more...]

If Attorneys Argued Like Creationists

I had this idea come to me during a discussion in a hangout recently. Imagine for a moment that a defense attorney in a murder case used the kind of argument that young earth creationists use against, say, radiometric dating. In response to every piece of evidence presented, they would name all the "assumptions" being made. … [Read more...]

Moore Borrows Beck’s Feigned Ignorance

Like Glenn Beck, who says he doesn't know any Christian conservatives who are anti-gay, Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission says he doesn't know a single evangelical who supports the anti-gay law in Uganda. … [Read more...]

Tom DeLay Joins the Moonie Times

Super-Christian and former Speaker of the House Tom DeLay is joining the Washington Times, owned by the Unification Church and founded by the Rev. Moon, who claimed to be the true messiah who had to come because Jesus failed to redeem mankind. But hey, as long as the check clears, right? … [Read more...]

KY Gov. to Hire Lawyers to Defend Marriage Ban

The attorney general of Kentucky is, like several others around the country, refusing to defend that state's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. Now Gov. Steve Beshear, a Democrat, is going to hire private attorneys to appeal the district court ruling striking it down. … [Read more...]

Tomczak’s Inane Claims About Gender Roles

Pastor Larry Tomczak has a very high opinion of himself. In a column in Charisma magazine he shares a video that "every person in every church needs to watch." It's an incredibly important video and he assures his readers that nothing less than the world is at stake to convince them to watch it: … [Read more...]

Barton on Democracy and Theocracy

David Barton went on the TV show of Mike and Cindy Jacobs (yes, the "prophet" -- read: con artist -- who says God gave her a bottomless bowl of spaghetti) and said that it's a myth that the Christian right wants a theocracy because you can't be both a democracy and a theocracy. … [Read more...]