Reflections of a Saint of Nagasaki

Who is Servant of God Takashi Nagai? [Read more…]

Reminder of Launch of “Redeeming Flesh: The Way of the Cross with Zombie Jesus”

Readers in Sydney would probably have received notice of the launch for my little book Redeeming Flesh: The Way of the Cross with Zombie Jesus (Cascade Books 2016), organised by the Centre for the Study of Western Tradition at Campion College Australia in partnership with the School of Philosophy and Theology at the University of Notre Dame [Read More…]

God and Cigarettes

Five years ago, in an attempt to reduce smoking and its associated health costs, the Australian government mandated that all tobacco products be sold in uniformly plain green packaging, with the most prominent aspect of the packaging being a series of graphic health warnings. In debates leading up to the introduction of plain packaging, one [Read More…]

Podcast: “A Theology of Pop Culture” with PEACEcast

  PEACEcast, a podcast spinoff of PEACEtalks (which is in turn a seminar series hosted by St George Anglican Church in Sydney), kindly invited me to be the latest installment of its podcast series. Their podcast, “A Theology of Pop Culture“, featured your humble servant together with Dr. Joel Harrison, Lecturer in Constitutional Law at Macquarie University. [Read More…]

Launch of “Redeeming Flesh”

  We are pleased to announce that Redeeming Flesh: The Way of the Cross with Zombie Jesus (Australian buyers can get copies here) will be launched on 23 May. After many unconfirmed sightings in the margins of newspapers, blogs and podcasts, we thought it is probably time for the apocalypse to be finally upon us. The launch will [Read More…]

The Laughing God

A problem many Christians face is being too serious. One can almost measure the level of (noticeable) public contributions by Christians on newspapers, network television and social media by the amount of negativity and even bile staining the page or the screen. At one level, this is understandable. Battling the powers and principalities of this [Read More…]

Turning Towards Nil

A former colleague, a Latinist, one day pointed out the neoplatonic influences behind the creation of the word “universe”. The word, when broken down to its elements of “uni” (one) and “vertere” (to turn to), denote the universe’s orientation towards the neoplatonic One, that transcendent source of all that is in the cosmos. In neoplatonic [Read More…]

Playing for Eternity: The Sacraments of Pop Culture (Vodcast Now Available)

PEACEtalks, an initiative of St. George Anglican Church in Sydney, hosted the Divine Wedgie over the weekend for an evening of dinner and seminars. It was nothing short of an utter delight to be among a crowd that was so theologically and culturally literate, as well as engaged. With reference to resources as diverse as Marx [Read More…]

Derrida, Deconstruction & Salvation

‘Postmodern’ is a dirty word for Christians. In many parts of Christendom, it is associated with relativism, individualism and the jettisoning of tradition for the sake of the new or kitsch (sometimes justifiably so, from personal experiences). Not everyone sees the postmodern in this light. In a highly persuasive book entitled Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?, [Read More…]

Penances You Can Hear: Christianity, Pop Culture & Multiculturalism

Lent is upon us and Melbourne and Sydney readers have the opportunity to do their penances early , because the Divine Wedgie is hitting the road again. Melbourne The first penance, on 5th March, will be will be at the Church of All Nations (CAN) in Melbourne, a plant of the Uniting Church in Australia. Antony McMullen, [Read More…]