Don’t Be Blind to the Paradoxes of Faith

Don’t Be Blind to the Paradoxes of Faith November 10, 2017


In living out the Christian life, there will certainly come a time when giving an apologia or explanation of the faith will become necessary, when either questions are asked or challenges posed to its central tenets.

When these times come, Christians can be understandably enthusiastic about providing the best possible case for the faith. Sometimes, the same apologetic impulse can drive theological discussions within the Church.

What is becoming increasingly apparent, however, is that in the drive to protect the truths of Christianity, there is a tendency to equate truth with internal consistency. Assure oneself of internal logical consistency, many think, and one can be assured of the truths of the faith that have been handed down to us as well.

In the enthusiasm to shore up internal consistency to defend the faith against questions, many seem not to question the extent to which…

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