Is Apple losing its mojo? Applefied Ads strike back

Do you find the new Apple “Genius” commercials blanketing the Olympics annoying?  They lack the simple, relaxed cool that characterized Apple for so long.   They seem to be trying to hard to please.   Is Apple losing its mojo?

One of my sharpest students at Pepperdine, Bryan Evans, felt that Apple’s white backgrounds on their print ads had fallen into cliche.   Too much of a good thing is still too much.  So he cooked his own series of Applefied Ads.   What if other companies adopted Apple’s minimalist approach?  His brilliant, understated observations have been picked up by tech sites like Gizmodo and blasted around the world, becoming their own viral sensation.    Check out his subversive faux campaigns–which one is your favorite?

Here’s to hoping that Apple’s ad campaigns regain a sense of humor (and perspective).

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