SoulCore: A Mary-led, Spirit-led Workout

About a month ago, a dear friend of mine had a birthday. To celebrate with her we went to the SoulCore studio on the Northside of Indianapolis and experienced the SoulCore workout, which pairs core strengthening exercises with meditation on the Rosary.

I was so captivated by the project–which got me back into the habit of saying the daily Rosary–and also with the story of how it came to fruition, I wrote it up. The story is in the Washington Post, On Faith blog today:

Natural light streams in the through the all-glass garage door. Yoga mats form a wide circle around the two candles and oversized wooden Rosary in the center of the open space. Everyone mentally recites the “Our Father” as they calmly rep out push-ups. They meditate on the “Hail Mary” as they hold themselves up in side plank. They shift into a resting pose, silently meditating on the “Glory Be.”

This is SoulCore: a workout that pairs core stretches with meditation on the Catholic devotional prayers of the Rosary.


Read the rest, but be prepared to shed a few tears. The inspiration for the SoulCore project came in the aftermath of an unfathomable tragedy.

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