The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 41: Jim Labriola


Comedian Jim Labriola called in to the show to talk about the reality / sitcom he recently created titled Jim Labriola’s Last Shot featuring the talents of Colin Quinn, Pat Boone, Tim Allen, Richard Lewis and Ray Romano.  It’s based on Jim’s efforts to reach out to his old comedian buddies for help getting new gigs while they actually dis him behind his back.

It’s basically funny people doing what funny people do – they make people laugh!  (much more entertaining than watching trucks drive on ice or guys fish for crabs.)

Jim also takes us back to his early days as a struggling comic.  Now, before satellite and on-demand entertainment, if any comic wanted to build an audience for their shows across the country, they had to appear on morning radio shows and be incredibly funny at six in the morning – no easy task for a guy who performed late the night before.

But, Jim is thankful for funny radio hosts such as Daren who made the mornings easy.

But then there were the OTHER morning radio guys.  The unfunnies.  It was like bantering with the cast of Night of the Living Dead.

To see and hear more from Jim, including his new podcast, check out

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