Educating and Equipping Our Families

The E-Squared Media Network proudly presents its second live webcast featuring experts in engaging and encountering our culture!

This webcast, “Educating and Equipping Our Families”, features host Jefferson Drexler (Parent Like You Mean It Podcast) discussing a variety of parenting issues that are unique to Christian parents in the 21st century.

His first guest, Pastor Carey Green (Christian Home & Family Podcast), shares the importance and first steps to instilling what he calls a “radical faith” in our children.  It’s easier than you think, more important than you think, and it all starts with simple steps in your own daily habits.

Second, Jefferson talks with author and life coach, Pam Rohr (Blending Your StepFamily Podcast) about the unique challenges that parents and step parents in blended families face, especially when it comes to maintaining a Christ-centered home in the midst of split custodies, visitations and other hurdles.

Next, Jefferson is joined by his father, Rod Drexler (Real Stuff My Dad Says Podcast) to talk about “grandparenthood”.  Too many times, grandparents feel like they’ve done their work and now they get to play with their grandkids and leave the heavy lifting for the new parents.  However, Rod offers a different perspective in the grandparents’ responsibilities in helping kids today become Godly men and women tomorrow.

Finally, stand up comedian Daren Streblow (The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast) discusses his and his wife’s secrets to success when it comes to “parenting-on-the-go”.  In today’s culture, it’s more and more common that parents are forced to be away from home for days at a time.  And it’s not isolated to comedians – salespeople, consultants, traders, corporate executives… the list goes on and on of people who live out of overnight bags.  However, with today’s technology, connecting with your spouse and children have possibilities that were only once dreamed of in sci-fi comics.

Play the video above to hear all these “golden nuggets of parenting advice” and much, much more!

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