WWUTT: Easter is a Pagan Holiday?

Is Easter a pagan holiday?No. It's a Christian holiday, also called Resurrection Sunday, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the grave three days after His crucifixion. So, it's very much NOT a pagan holiday.Right… but doesn't it replace a pagan holiday?No. Easter celebrations in the early Church, as early as the second century, were associated with Passover since that was the season in which Jesus was crucified and risen. In 325 AD, the Council of Nicea d … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: Peter Singer Defends Abuse

We say it often: ideas have consequences; bad ideas have victims. And a certain, consistent Princeton bioethicist continues to show just how true that is. [display_podcast]How do we know what’s right? Great minds have wrestled with that question for much of history. Is it doing our duty regardless of the consequences? Is it doing whatever a virtuous person would do? Is it doing what brings the most happiness to the most people?That last option—the greatest good for the greatest num … [Read more...]

Ask Pastor John: Is Male Headship A Lost Cause?

We recently received this question from a soon-to-be pastor in the UK: “Greetings Pastor John! I’m about to graduate from seminary and start a job as an associate pastor in four months. I am a complementarian. However, from observing local churches in my county, it’s discouraging as it appears more and more of them are submitting to egalitarianism simply out of social norms and expectations of church leadership from a secular point of view. With the legalization of gay marriage rights, this move … [Read more...]

Story Team Weekly: And These Will Be Added to You

Bright-eyed and 23 years old, John paced across his condo balcony. Houston’s medical center towers loomed in his twilit view. He gripped the phone by his ear and smiled as he waited for the answer. “Dad, hey! You won’t believe it—I got a new offer! No, not with the agency—they’ll keep me at the bottom at least another year. This could be my calling. It’s here with my church in Houston, in the youth ministry.”His face fell as his dad’s voice cut through the wires, “Don’t even think about it. I … [Read more...]

First Liberty Briefing: Are Offensive Statements At Times Considered Religious Discrimination?

Bryan Finnemore was a self-described fundamentalist Christian. At the hydro-electric company where he worked, he oftentimes overheard a lot of vulgar statements that did not sit well with his religious beliefs and eventually filed a religious discrimination claim. Learn what the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine said about his claim at FirstLiberty.org/Briefing.Thank you for joining us for the First Liberty Briefing, an exclusive podcast where host Jeremy Dys—also First Liberty Senior Co … [Read more...]

The Briefing: Turkey’s Freedom, North Korea’s Paranoia and Canada’s Legalized Marijuana

I’m Albert Mohler and this is The Briefing, a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview. [display_podcast]THE FRAGILITY OF LIBERTY: TURKEY REFERENDUM CENTRALIZES AUTOCRATIC RULE OF PRESIDENT ERDOGAN As is so often the case, it is international headlines that press themselves upon us as we begin a new week. First up, Turkey, where the announcement came yesterday that the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that it has won a big political victory. It … [Read more...]