My Armor 33: Proverbs 4 & 5


Proverbs is something that is great for women however, Proverbs is something that Solomon wrote for his own sons. Okay Solomon was King David's kid and he had a dream and in said dream God said to him “what you want I’ll give anything you want” , and he said “I want wisdom” and so wisdom he got and what he did was he wrote Proverbs. Proverbs 4:1-5 Young men, listen to me as you would to your father. Listen, and grow wise, for I speak the truth—don’t turn away. For I, too, was once a son, tender … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 143: The Gentle Shepherd

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[display_podcast] Last week, I introduced you ever-so-briefly to the subject of shepherds. This because Jesus drew our attention to all-things sheep-and-shepherd-related when He defined Himself by saying, “I AM the door (gate) of the sheep.” This week, in this PODCAST, we’ll discover together exactly what Jesus meant when He identified Himself as the “door of the sheep.” The important point to remember from last week is this: Life for the shepherd was and is unpredictable and oh-so-diff … [Read more...]

Inside Islam with Nabeel Qureshi: Fasting, Pilgrimage, Deeds & the Prophets

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To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast (Saum) from sun-up to sun-down. This isn’t like most fasts where the person doesn’t simply eat food or drink water for a selected amount of time in order to draw closer to God or readjust their mindset and spirit as a form of worship. For most Muslims, as soon as the sun sets, they go at it at the dining table. The same goes just before sunrise in order to get in their calo … [Read more...]

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 127: Parenting, Bob Smiley & Greg Johnson


My oldest Ethan is eighteen now! Can you believe it? I guess now that he’s eighteen I suppose I’m going to have to allow him so more responsibility. Maybe let him ride his bike outside the drive way or something. His mother and I really have some over protective issues, it’s not our fault when he was little he constantly tried to destroy himself. The other night at dinner he asked to cut his own food. I responded “Look here Mr. Dare Devil, I’m going to need a few more years to get use to you usi … [Read more...]

Ouxano 105: How to build Christ like character within your children

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Today we’re continuing our series on leading your children in Christ.

As we talk about practical ways to apply this, one of the obvious things to talk about is character. We’ve already talked about how to read the bible to them, also how to foster a love for the word of God on their own, praying by themselves and as a family.Today were going to be talking about how to build Christ like character within your children and again, anything we do with our children, should be something we’re imple … [Read more...]

Family Discipleship Mini-Cast 12: Communication Matters REALLY MATTER!

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[display_podcast] Most men need to learn how to communicate differently with their wives. Most of the time, you simply cannot talk to your wife like you do to the guys at work. Some guys can walk up to a buddy and say, “Dude, you’re getting fat!” and he would be okay with hearing that. But, obviously that line won’t work at home, unless he wants to get a slap across the face. Christian men need to realize that their wives are, according to Scripture, one with them. They are their completers. Th … [Read more...]