Simply Joyful Podcast: The Power of Friendship with Lisa-Jo Baker

Have you ever felt FOMO? That’s the Fear Of Missing Out. And in this day and age of social media, it not only makes friendships between women difficult…it can make them feel downright impossible. Even if you’re not on social media you can experience FOMO when you hear about friends getting together for playdates or coffee without you. That fear of being left can easily set in. FOMO is real!Friendships can be difficult for a variety of reasons. We as women compare ourselves to each other and f … [Read more...]

WWUTT: Only God Can Judge Me?

Only God can judge me!This is a phrase that shows up in rap songs, tattoos, t-shirts, bumper stickers…And when someone says this, what they mean is: “You may not approve of what I am doing, but God does!” No, He doesn’t.You see, God has already judged you in the Bible and He says you’re guilty. You’re a murderer at heart, calling somebody names makes you liable to the hell of fire. Everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment… Whoever says, “You fool!” will be … [Read more...]

The Briefing: LGBT and abortion debates forcing churches to choose

[display_podcast]"RANSOMWARE" CYBER ATTACK AFFECTING OVER 150 COUNTRIES STOPPED BY 22 YEAR OLD SURFER—AT LEAST FOR NOW It was a very busy weekend, especially for a group of hackers and those trying to stop them. The hacking was actually a massive effort—according to the count as of last night, computers have been hacked in 150 different nations. About 200,000 computers, it was estimated, by Sunday night had been infected with what is known as ransomware, and it’s not an innocent hack. The st … [Read more...]

Relational Toolshed 2: Activating Your Gifts with Church Planting Ninja Peyton Jones

[display_podcast]This week’s tool of the week is Peyton Jones!Peyton has written some amazing works, including Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches out of the Ashes of the 21st Century Church, which has greatly inspired me over the past few years!But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the remarkable things Peyton has done throughout his life for Jesus. The guy has baptized members of the Arian Brotherhood and the Mexican Mafia… at the same church! He started ano … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: Pluralism & the American Religion

[display_podcast] What are the beliefs and assumptions of contemporary American spirituality? Why do so many people pick and choose religious beliefs based on that which makes them happy, rather than by evaluating truth claims? Recorded before a live audience in Vail, Colorado, the hosts discuss these questions and more as they outline the characteristics of pluralism and the American Religion. They are joined once more by Greg Koukl, founder and president of Stand to Reason and author of The S … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 146: A Mother’s Day Story

[display_podcast]A few years back I wrote about how Christmas conjured up images of days gone by with my babies.  Modified a bit to relate my thoughts to Mother’s Day this week, I want to share the story with you once again.Tears of longing well up in my eyes thinking of those days gone by, since my babies are not babies anymore.  It was the happiest time of my life.Now, I have beautiful and crazy loved grandchildren, and can watch my children experience the same feelings I did as hi … [Read more...]