Is the Protestant Reformation Over? Being Protestant means we protest the Pope and any teaching contrary to the wisdom of God in the Bible. Read more

Is God a Megalomaniac? – The Bible never portrays God in any egotistical, sinful ways, but rather as loving, providing, thoughtful and all powerful. Read more

The Emotional Card with Josh Harris – If you want someone to agree with your point of view, all you have to do is leave her a voicemail over an R&B track! Read more

Questions on Genesis 1, the future of the church, reaching Millennials, dark matter, post-modernism, online church and much more! Read more

The Next Day – the years after the Protestant Reformation offer opportunities to think about our legacy and to be timeless by appealing to the Word of God. Read more

Four Myths You May Believe About Your Calling – Each season will bring a new process of discernment. God’s will for us will always bring us closer to him. Read more

Unorthodox Injury with Eric Schwarz – Even in the midst of tragedy, maintain a grateful heart. Gratitude helps you focus on the good things in this world. Read more

Unorthodox Representation – Are we trying to do what we do the best we can because “What ever we do we do for God”, or trying to do the bare minimum? Read more

The Reformation Turns 500 – How Luther Shaped Our World | Reformation isn’t a moment in history. We need to continually conform ourselves to the Word of God Read more

Is Molinism Biblical? Molinism is probably the most popular view of the relationship between divine sovereignty and human choices. Read more

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