The Baptist Catechism of 1693 – God is known through the Word and through His ministry of the Spirit, and that is the knowledge that leads to salvation. Read more

the Facts about Jack (Phillips, that Is) – The Case of Masterpiece Cakeshop | He refuses to use his artistic talent in a way that violates his convictions. Read more

Refusing to Soften the Atonement -Various voices in the Christian church are denigrating the meaning of Christ’s sacrificial blood atonement Read more

Discovering God’s Grace through the Seasons – Ruth Simons, founder of, shares her tips on parenting and surrounding yourself with God’s Word Read more

The secularization and liberalization of higher education and the danger of arguing the Peace Cross is anything other than a Christian symbol Read more

Radical Reformation – The Reformation isn’t over because it hasn’t begun in America. Protestantism is definitely over and the radicals won. Read more

Justice Alito Challenges Americans to Protect Religious Freedom – Telling the story of religious liberty to one another is our responsibility as Americans Read more

Is the Protestant Reformation Over? Being Protestant means we protest the Pope and any teaching contrary to the wisdom of God in the Bible. Read more

Is God a Megalomaniac? – The Bible never portrays God in any egotistical, sinful ways, but rather as loving, providing, thoughtful and all powerful. Read more

The Emotional Card with Josh Harris – If you want someone to agree with your point of view, all you have to do is leave her a voicemail over an R&B track! Read more

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