The Remi Adeleke Ministries Podcast 5: The Bridge To A Holy Relationship, part 2

I begin to learn that in order for a holy righteous sinless God to come into a relationship with an imperfect, unholy, unrighteous, sinful being then there had to be a bridge. Or there has to be someone or something that could fix our sin problem in a way that would allow us to come into this relationship with God. God being as holy and pure as he is will not be intertwined inter mixed or in relationship with someone or something that is unholy or unrighteous, wicked or sinful.2 Corinthians … [Read more...]

Transform: What are your Prayerfully developed Goals?

(The following was originally published at What are your Prayerfully developed Goals for the week?Hopefully you’ve done some goals for the year and broken them down month by month but I’m curious as to what your goal are for this week and what are you going to do to stay on track?The important part of what I’m asking you is “What are your Prayerfully developed Goals?” You need to check in with your savior to find out what’s his plan for your business because it’s his bus … [Read more...]

WWUTT 2: Federal Headship?

When We Understand The TextYou are born under the Federal Headship of Adam. You are born again under the Federal Headship of Christ.Federal Headship where is that term in the bible? Well you won’t find it there but it’s still an important doctrine when we understand the text.Romans 5:18-21Federal Headship, what is that? How do you typically associate the word federal? With government right?As we talked about it earlier in the week, we are all descendant of Adam and have inh … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 112: Experiencing Him as the Pursuer of Your Heart

We all have had desert experiences in our lives at different seasons of time along our journey. Some seasons of trial are short and some are very long.He loves us so much that sometimes He allows us to stay in those deserts for a while to bring us back to Him. When it gets hot and dry we start looking for Him for relief. You know why?He misses you and desires relationship with you.Hosea 2:6 says: “For this reason I will fence her in with thornbushes. I will block her path with a w … [Read more...]

An Examined Life with Jeff Allen 48: Nathan Cochran of Mercy Me, part 1

[display_podcast]Nathan Cochran, bass player for Mercy Me joins me this week. In addition to being 1/5th of one of the most influential Christian bands of the century, Nathan recently released his first solo EP titled Diving Blind. With the simple gist of “I don’t know the future”, Diving Blind features four singles straight from Nathan’s heart.But one of the characteristics of Nathan and Mercy Me’s music that I love is written, rewritten, quoted and requoted all over the internet: … [Read more...]

Summit Lecture Series: The Differences in Islamic Hadith and Shari’a Law with Nabeel Qureshi

For Muslims, the Hadith are EXTREMELY important for living the Muslim life. Yet, different Muslims believe in different books of the Hadith. In fact, some Muslims will take a book and claim that portions of it are accurate to the instructions of Muhammad, but some are not.The “science” behind their reasoning is that the Hadith need to be authentic in their Isnad (chain or line of authority) and Matn (text). In other words, not only are the words themselves important, but also who said they he … [Read more...]