A Note from My Editor, Sam Rocha

A Note from My Editor, Sam Rocha August 3, 2016
Sam Rocha - photo by Michael Blaha
Sam Rocha – photo by Michael Blaha

My editor here at Patheos Catholic, Sam Rocha, has a note for all of you at The Font.

The Font, as Sam says, is a repository of a lot of good writing that used to be curated by the former channel editor Elizabeth Scalia. In this post, Sam wants to publicly acknowledge the debt we owe to Elizabeth for starting this thing and how we are continuous in that vision, even though we are forging ahead. My favourite part of this vision is that I get to do whatever I want here, which is music to my Eastern Catholic ears – I think sometimes we Eastern Catholics are still reeling from the exhortation by the Latin Church to actually be Eastern.

In my own turn, I have also written about Sam previously on the blog – his music, his exhortation for us to write on growing up conservativehis influence on my reading of Francis. When I was not on Patheos Catholic, he was just my friend. Now that I am on Patheos Catholic, he is still my friend. But now he is also my editor, and therefore my boss, and very publicly so now, with this letter.

Of course, this means that I will continue to write about Sam. On the big throat-clearing Pope Francis post, I in fact wrote about how he influenced my journey toward Eastern Catholicism. But this is not about him; it is about his letter, which of course is about his personhood, but I don’t have time to get into it yet. Go and read it.

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