It’s Not the Contraceptives, Stupid–UPDATED

Important updates to a continuing story.

  • At the Patheos Catholic Portal, Sr Mary Ann Walsh, Media Secretary for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, lays out the legal case.
  • Deacon Greg Kandra picks up a New York Times piece on the implications of the ruling for Catholic colleges.
  • A post from Look in the Mirror shares a patriot’s sense of betrayal and includes a good roundup of reactions to the ruling from Church leaders.
  • At Why I Am Catholic, Frank Weathers dares you to put your name where your faith is, on a petition to the President–Skinner, the Smoking Man, and the black helicopters be damned.

And on a personal note, here’s a link to the homily I heard Fr Tim Ralston preach at the 12:15 Mass yesterday. It blew me away with its strong, faithful, uncompromising message. I’m still wrestling with the Church’s teaching on contraceptives–as are the vast majority of Catholics in the pews, if the polls are even partially correct–but I appreciate Fr Tim’s courage in taking this to the pulpit in our politically diverse and liturgically progressive assembly. The reaction to the homily told me I wasn’t alone in feeling that, like the crowd at the synagogue in yesterday’s Gospel, we had just been surprised out of our complacency by one who teaches with authority. After a moment of silence, the congregation erupted into spontaneous and sustained applause.

Finally, just a caution to those who think this problem will go away after the November elections. Candidates–any candidates, from any party, of any religious background–will tell you anything they think you want to hear. That’s always been true. Why else would the sound of someone “teaching with authority” strike us as miraculous?

  • Frank

    Thanks for helping get the "toepick" out there.

  • Anonymous

    Some thoughts …Think about the brothers and sisters you'd have, if your parents hadn't used so much contraception.A contraceptive mentality toward sex makes sex less enjoyable. A 48 year old woman I know died from a stroke, from 30 years of oral contraceptive usage.Always using contraceptives, year after year, just doesn't lead to happiness. You'll have better sex if your sex life is open to children.Marital sex without contraception is true lovemaking. Is that really so hard to believe?Following the "moral rules" leads to more happiness – and better lovemaking.And the Buddhists are against contraception too, though for different reasons. It's a way to learn some discipline, say the Buddhists. It's a way to make sex into true lovemaking, open to life, which is much more exciting, say the Catholics.It's not always easy to follow, but it's a good teaching.