For Justice: Mitt Romney

As I prepare to vote, I look to the American constitution to determine how I should vote. The President of the United States is our chief executive in a central government. Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney will swear to defend the Constitution and both men are honorable and will intend to keep their word. [Read More...]

Cloud Atlas: Sigh

Read She and Return of She and you think for a long time that something important is about to be said. The mystic wisdom of the ages will come from the mouth of the prophetess or at the very least we will be forced to think. And then Haggard gives us nineteenth century spiritualism combined with [Read More...]

Dear Spice: On a Mormon Foreign Policy

Dear Spice, Thank you for your kind notes. We do not agree (always!) politically, but your work to free slaves globally is a model of Christian service. You ask a reasonable question . . . One thing I’ve had a lot of trouble with about Romney as a Mormon candidate is the implications of Mormon [Read More...]

No Theocracy!

A theocracy is very bad. It is bad because it dishonors God and elevates men. It is bad, because it does not work and it is bad because destroys a chance for liberty. It is rare when an idea is impious, impractical, and imperious, but theocracy is one such idea. As a Christian, I long [Read More...]

Romney Winning . . . but Obama not Done

The last debate was a draw, but because Living Obama replaced Zombie Obama, the President scored a tactical victory. He was aggressive and voters reward the aggressive candidate with victory, if he does not go too far. Sadly for Obama a tactical victory will not be enough. The 47% that love him are encouraged, and [Read More...]

Candidate’s Religion Counts

Religion is the most important thing about any candidate for office. Not only should a voter consider it, a wise voter must examine it first. Of course, the stated religion of a candidate is less important than what actually forms the controlling view of reality that governs his decision-making. Joe Biden is right that his [Read More...]

Small Government Christian

The United States of America is nation of Christians, but not a Christian nation. Christians have been the majority of the population in the United States for its entire history. The genius of the Founders of America was to recognize that nobody on Earth was a perfect Christian and that every non-Christian had something to [Read More...]

He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last

Last night Joe Biden laughed about havoc and chuckled his way through talk of war. If there is an old drinking game tradition during political debates, his performance last night was a cautionary tale that playing the game during your own debate is unwise. He grinned, guffawed, and then grumped as the evening stretched on. [Read More...]

Caesar is Not Lord

Jesus is Lord and Caesar is not. No polity that disregards those two truths is worthy of a free Christian’s allegiance. Fortunately our Founders created a system where I can acknowledge Christ’s lordship without excluded most Americans. They knew rights came from Nature and the Creator and not from the state. When the Pledge of [Read More...]