A Christmas Carol (III): Let Us Keep the Feast

I like giving gifts and I like receiving them. This must be understood or nothing wonderful can come of this post. Film versions add them, but gifts are not central to A Christmas Carol . . . feasting is. Mr. Scrooge gives turkey, a bowl of punch, and the pleasure of his company . . . [Read More...]

Christmas Carol (Part II): Improve the Union Work Houses!

What to avoid feeling like Scrooge? Recall all the tax money you paying to help the poor and you will feel generous, but be Scrooge. Why? When confronted with the demand for charity, Ebenezer Scrooge points out that his tax money goes to maintain government programs for the poor. Dickens was so successful in showing [Read More...]

Christmas Carol (Part I): It is Bad to Be Scrooge

Your favorite television show must do an episode based on it. It will not be good. There are numerous movie versions of it: the one with the Muppets is best. And then there is the short story that started it all: A Christmas Carol.  I have read it more times than I can count, because it [Read More...]

Accounting for Time: I am too young.

When confronted with a life story to make an argument it helps if the life is longer than twenty-nine years. I was asked to think about the “testimony” of the Christian life  . . . one that I generally found uplifting and good, but had to respond that I thought it better to wait until [Read More...]

In Which I get a Life

Moans about the election from the conservative community are understandable. Losing stings, but for me the time for sorrow must end. Why? It is distinctly against the conservative grain to care that much about government. My church is flourishing, my family has needs, and my University has aggressive plans for the future. They all need [Read More...]

Red Poppy

May the just warriors be happy today and may the saints amongst the soldiers rejoice in the Kingdom of God. Jesus often used “hard sayings” to stir his audience. Two thousand years after his life we sometimes do not hear his hard sayings, because we have “over-learned” the lesson. When Jesus said it was hard [Read More...]

I was wrong.

As I wrote before the election, if my “call” was wrong (and it was) there were ten things I should and should not do. Let me start that process here. I said: I have long believed economic and social forces make 2012 a mildly Republican year. I still believe this to be true and stick [Read More...]

My Call, My Reasons, and Five Things I Regret

I am voting for Mr. Romney and now on the last day of the election is a good time to summarize why, what I think will happen, why, and sum up regrets. At the end of the day tomorrow this will help assess what I got right and wrong. Why Romney: I am voting for [Read More...]

If I am wrong: Ten Things I will do and not do.

I have long believed economic and social forces make 2012 a mildly Republican year. I still believe this to be true and stick with my prediction that Romney will carry the popular vote 51/2 to 47/8 and win in the Electoral College. (A three point margin makes this electoral win all but sure.) There is, [Read More...]