Lessons from a Christmas Cactus

It blooms every Christmas and every Easter. I don’t do anything to make that happen. I water it when I remember to. I keep it in an east-facing window where it gets some sun but not too much. Other than that, I put absolutely no effort into this little plant. And still, every Christmas, every Easter…blooms. Perfectly timed little gifts. Grace unbidden, inexplicable.

About Ellen Painter Dollar

Ellen Painter Dollar is a writer focusing on faith, parenting, family, disability, and ethics. She is the author of No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Faith, and Parenthood in an Age of Advanced Reproduction (Westminster John Knox, 2012). Visit her web site at http://ellenpainterdollar.com for more on her writing and speaking, and to sign up for a (very) occasional email newsletter.

  • http://timfall.wordpress.com/ Tim

    What a beautiful metaphor for the grace of God in our lives, Ellen.


    P.S. Guested at Modern Mrs. Darcy today on why I frequent blogs written by women.

  • DaveP

    > … inexplicable.

    I am not going to say anything, because I think that would only lead to a quote from “Life of Pi”. :)

    • http://www.ellenpainterdollar.com Ellen Painter Dollar

      See Dave, this is why I want you to stick around. Sometimes you crack me up.