Abortion Isn’t the Only Reproductive Issue for Christians to Care About

I have a post on Think Christian about how the Christian preoccupation with abortion has limited and skewed our ability to respond effectively to new reproductive technologies. From my post:

Forty years after Roe v. Wade, abortion remains a dividing line in the culture wars and a central sociopolitical issue for many Christians. Unfortunately, decades of divisive, oversimplified debate around abortion have left Christians ill-equipped to engage in effective discourse and empathetic counsel around technologies that offer parents the promise of healthy biological children. Christians too often fall back on well-worn abortion arguments, around the appropriate limits on freedom of choice and the moral status of embryos, for example, when they are responding to technologies such as IVF and pre-embryonic genetic screening.

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Ellen Painter Dollar is a writer focusing on faith, parenting, family, disability, and ethics. She is the author of No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Faith, and Parenthood in an Age of Advanced Reproduction (Westminster John Knox, 2012). Visit her web site at http://ellenpainterdollar.com for more on her writing and speaking, and to sign up for a (very) occasional email newsletter.