Sacred Science Music Video, by Peter Mayer: “My Soul”

I am thrilled to introduce the Emergent Village community to the work of singer-songwriter Peter Mayer, who presents a sacred view of our evolving universe and our human journey in emotionally powerful and bridge-building ways. My wife, Connie Barlow, periodically collaborates with Peter by turning some of her most evocative photographs (gathered during our ten years of traveling North America) into moving images to illustrate his lyrics, and then posting the finished music video on YouTube. To date, she has created four such music videos, all of which can be found here.) Many ministers and small group leaders have used one or more of these in contemporary worship settings.

Arts are so valuable in transcending rational argument. Surely here is an opportunity for us to remember the grace and glory of human experience—no matter whether we understand the words as fact or metaphor. In any event…enjoy!

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  • Tracie

    So beautiful, and much needed this morning. Thank you.

    • Michael Dowd

      You are most welcome. Thanks for your comment, Tracie.