Church Planters Academy

The Church Planters Academy

August 15-17, 2013

$145 (by March 31)   $195 (April – August)

Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, MN

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A dynamic and innovative event to equip and encourage those desiring to start new churches in fresh and entrepreneurial ways.
For those who are starting new churches.
For those who are exploring starting a new church.
For those who’ve already started churches and want to gather with others who are doing the same.

For anyone in the process of starting a new faith community — or dreaming of starting one — there is no better use of time than gathering with others who share those dreams. Join us in Minneapolis, August 15-17, for three days of inspiration, challenge, and coaching. Learn from the successes and failures of experienced church planters:

Doug Pagitt (free-range)
Bruce Reyes-Chow (PC(USA))

Maggie Mraz (Vineyard)
Debbie Blue (ABC/ELCA)
Micah Witham (Evangelical Covenant)
Mike Baughman (UMC)
Rich McCullen (DOC)
Tim Conder (free-range)
Mike Stavlund (free-range)
Russell Rathbun (ABC/ELCA)
And more!

You can learn more and register at

PLUS: The early-bird rate of $145 expires on March 31, so don’t wait!

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