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Some thoughts on prayer about which I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Kevin Fusher

    Once upon a time I looked into the night sky and thought – there is a God and told him so. 40 years later I call him daddy he seems not to mind. For a time I just chatted away and asked him to bless people’s lives and found he talked back in his ‘word’. At first and for a long time I found praying for ‘me’ difficult. Then I put pen to paper, that helped with praying for me. This can be embarrassing when one’s most intimate thoughts get muddled up with admin and get read by your regional manager! When I learnt God was a Lord like Caesar, I became a Centurian and kicked ass and shouted in authority, I commanded satan bound the demonic, cut off this and that. God became like a quick fit fitter – broken heart? Have a new one. I became a judgemental manipulator, demanding God remove moats while I whacked folk with my plank. One day I got sick of my own voice and started to listen. I say much less, but I still talk in tongues as I drive to work, worry with Father over Syria, my local community, friends and family. The biggest thing I learnt about prayer is when I became for a while a prodigal father. I realized then that Daddy loves me, wants the best for me and just loves to talk and be with me. If He wants to be with me He equally wants to be with you, Syria, your neighbour.. Prayer for me has become a partnership, even when I think heaven is brass or I am otherwise occupied the odd word or inadequate sentence still reaches his ear.