you can’t tame this sexy beast

This morning after I dropped the kiddo’s off at school and daycare I was fully intending on kicking the day off with a work-out.

Not to brag or anything, but I totally worked out for 43 minutes last night.  I know, I know, it’s nothing really.

Kidding!  I’m ever-so-slowly getting back to enjoying working out this badonka-donk after more than a year of HATING even the idea of an “official” work-out.

Anyway, when I was barely able to pull into our snow filled driveway I decided to spend 45 minutes outside shoveling as today’s work-out.

Half way through the process, I looked down and remembered I still had my flowery pj’s on.


Don’t YOU drop your kids off in your pj’s?  Seriously, who has the time to fuss with actually getting dressed?  It’s this new trend I’m starting.

Besides, these pj’s were handcrafted with love by my wonderful mother-in-law, so let’s just call it what it is people: couture, yo!

In case you want to replicate this sexy outfit: grab any hat, scarf & coat combination that doesn’t match, add UGG boots of any color, don’t shower or put on deodorant and bam!  Your look is complete.

You too, can be an untamable sexy beast, just. like. me.  You too, can continue to change the face of sexy.

So. If you haven’t yet, go out there today and do something –anything really– that gets you moving…even if it’s only 15 kegels.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere right?!

My work-out motto this year is: is: “Screw 2012, I’m getting ready for 2021.”

While shoveling, heart-racing, back-aching I was dreaming of starting a “screw 2012” blog-hop…maybe even t-shirts.

Some of us, (ahem, me) will do ANYTHING in the world to try to stay motivated to work-out and be healthy including –but not limited to– trying to drag as many people as possible along for the ride.

Another day, another sweat.


Tell me bleeps, what’s your get-sweaty plan for today?  OR what can you plan for tomorrow or Saturday?

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