Does This Church Make Me Look Fat? {+ giveaway}

Man, I was pretty geeked to be given an early copy of Does This Church Make Me Look Fat: A Mennonite Finds Faith, Meets Mr. Right & Solves Her Lady Problems.

Here’s why: I loved Rhoda Janzen’s previous book: Mennonite In a Little Black Dress.  I listened to it first via Audible & because I laughed out loud several times I then bought a hard copy of the book as well.

Even with all those high expectations, Rhoda has won me over again! Here’s what is fantastic about Rhoda’s voice.  She’s got this slap stick humor thing going on but all wrapped up in the fru-fru English of a Ph.D. English Professor which she is.  She’s honest to a fault, appropriately snarky and always brimming with hope even when things in her life are painfully tragic.  All that put together makes her books pure magic.  Her books are the ones you get lost in, laughing and crying as you happily flutter away an afternoon.

Does This Church Make Me Look Fat follows Rhoda’s story as she meets a new man years after her CRAZY husband left her for a dude named Bob whom he met on  Her new man introduces her to a Pentacostal Evangelical church light years away from her Mennonite upbringing and along the way she’s rocked with some pretty serious “lady problems.” The whole journey is enjoyable from beginning to end.

Ya’ll it’s just hilarious.  Rhoda is quickly becoming one of my new favorite Memoir mentors!  If you haven’t gotten round to reading her first book —do that first!


I’m giving away a copy of  Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?

All you have to do to win two entries:

1. Tweet this post – leave the tweet URL in your comment.

2. Just leave me a comment below by EST Midnight, 11/05/12 & I’ll choose a random winner.

*I was given a copy of the book to review.  Amazon affiliate links included.  All opinions are my own, dahhhling.*


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  • SaraH

    Please pick me!! Sounds delightful and I could use a pleasant brain-break from all this seminary and full-time worker-brain work…see, I can’t even make a good sentence no more.

  • Sharon Smith

    No – please pick ME! Sounds like a great book to take with me when I travel over the holidays :-) Sounds great ANY time!

  • mongupp

    Sounds like a riveting read!

  • Brooke

    Would love to read it!

  • Alyssa Bacon-Liu

    The book sounds so fun! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be sure to pick up a copy :)

  • Alison

    Sure hope I win! It looks great.

  • Peter DeHaan

    I’ve heard of this book and the catchy title intrigued me. Now, with your endorsement, I’m even more interested.

  • Suzanne

    I loved Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. Maybe because I’m Mennonite, but who can say…:) I didn’t know she had written another – so excited to read it!

  • Jill Vande Zande

    Me, me, pick me! Although even if you don’t, this book sounds Nook-worthy (meaning I’d actually buy it).

  • Edna Perez

    That title is just super-catchy. I will have to get the book and read it. It must be pretty interesting..

  • Una Lucey-Lee

    I just finished her first book. I look forward to reading this second book. Pick me, pick me. :-)

  • Marla Martin Rotman

    Let me just say… my church makes me fat!~ Can’t wait to read the book, my friend. :)

  • Erica

    The book sounds very interesting. Two questions: 1.) when do you find time to read? 2.) how do you find time to read?!

    • Grace Sandra

      Erica, ahahha those are the same two questions! I tend to read just before bed…about 30 minutes in bed. But I also drag the book I’m reading along with me in my purse so I can read while the kids play at the park or in the McDonalds play place or while waiting for a Dr.’s appt. etc. And sometimes, I read on my lunch break at work. It’s definetly squeeeeezed into my life now that i’m working full-time…it’s been a reading adjustment period for me for sure!

      • Erica

        Lol!! I guess they are! I always fall asleep reading at night or I read the same line over & over!! Reading on my lunch break isnt a bad idea, or while the girls are taking a bath. Thanks, I love to read but get frustrated trying to find time without any interruptions!!