Also, apparently his eyes fire lasers. Like a shark, you know?

John Cheese is a writer for Cracked whom I have praised to you people many times. I linked to this piece in my AmCon piece about the problems with the “divorce counterrevolution” and I’ve linked several of his other marriage/parenting/family/uh… other stuff-related articles at MarriageDebate (which by the way you should all be following). Plus he’s provided me and my friends with a lot of much-needed gallows humor:

“Quitting Smoking: Six Things You Notice About the Stupid World”

“Five Things Nobody Tells You About Quitting Drinking”

“Five Ways to Avoid Your Terrible Parents’ Mistakes”

and much much more!

Anyway, at the moment he could really use your help. You’ll have until Sunday and, as he says, any extra cash he gets will be donated to his kids’ school. I’m posting this so you guys can discover his writing if you haven’t already, and maybe kick in a few shekels. (Obviously he writes for Cracked & his humor is black-and-blue. So don’t complain to me about the cussing.)

ETA: Update!

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