Children’s books rooted in specific beliefs and traditions

I am looking for them, for a possible series of articles. Right now I have books whose worldviews are deeply rooted in Catholicism, Judaism (though I could use more suggestions there), and Transcendentalism (no really). I’m looking for good books from other beliefs/traditions–I’m using that phrasing because I don’t know that it makes sense to call Transcendentalism a religion–which are not defensive or promoting we’re-all-the-same faux diversity* but which allow the reader to enter into the inner world of that belief system. If you have any suggestions, email me at !

* My favorite example of this is the Passover song we had to sing in middle school. “Pass over all our houses, Angel of Death! Let everyone live and be free! We all need [something something], sunshine and breath–Nobody’s different from me! Nobody’s different from you or from me, Let’s sing it out in good harmony! Nobody’s different from you or from me, Let every one of us live and be free.” The actual Jews in our class could be pretty sarcastic about this song.

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