“He’s like a twisted male Garbo!”

Kindertrauma on the Willard remake!:

I don’t mean to alarm anybody but it appears that at some point between the time I watched WILLARD back in 2003 and yesterday, somebody magically changed the tone of the entire film. What was once a quirky, dark-humored revenge flick concerning adorable critters is now a morbidly tragic character study that mercilessly kicked my heart in the crotch. I didn’t even know my heart had a crotch. Now I understand why this wasn’t a huge hit. Honey, I shrunk the cathartic payoff! I feel horrible right now thanks to WILLARD but that’s not saying I’m not happy about it.

more, more, more (and you can get my take here; I am super-easy for killer rat movies so here are the amazing end credits to “Graveyard Shift” as a bonus!)

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