“Last Minute Banquet”

delicious, delicious parables:

If the stuff that is in the Bible isn’t true, if it doesn’t work today and if Jesus didn’t really mean what he said – I’m not interested in any of it. Thanks, but you can keep your rituals and your moral teaching. However, I believe what’s in the Bible is true, it does work today and Jesus really meant what he said. And I build my life on that belief.

Jesus tells a story about a rich man who invites guests to a dinner. They all politely decline with various excuses. So the guy decides to invite anyone who will come. Lame beggars, poor people and literally anyone who will accept the invitation. Jesus says that the Kingdom of Heaven is like this. All are welcome – you just have to accept the invitation. Read the full story here..

When I read this story recently, I had an idea. I manage two phenomenal ladies. Pippa Elmes and Miriam Swaffield. They are two of the most energetic, creative and loving people you could ever meet and I’m always looking for ways to manage them well.

On Friday, they turned up to work at 7:30am expecting a quiet team day in the countryside. Instead, I gave them twelve hours to throw a banquet for anyone who would come. They rose to the challenge and at 7:30pm they opened the doors and held a banquet for over 100 people from all walks of life. God provided the food and drink through generous people and shops in York and they raised over £600 for a local charity who work with the homeless and destitute.

Please watch the short video of the day below. It is quite incredible what happened!

more (via Steve Holmes, I think?)

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