“An English Gay Catholic”

This is why I am writing this. It is my belief that gay people in the Church shouldn’t simply put up with and accept the teachings of the Church but should own it for themselves and preach it in their own language. If we’re going to convince other gay people of the truth and grace of the Catholic faith then we need our own language with which to do it. Sadly gay people tend to lack subjectivity in the Church being relegated to those ‘suffering’ or ‘struggling’ or victims of a ‘condition’: all of which disenfranchises gay Catholic people and their experiences. I don’t know about you but the thing I struggle with most is having to listen to others bemoan my ‘condition’! I love the Church but there needs to be some serious thought about language and how ‘clumsy language’ – even in Letters and Encyclicals – can lead to ‘clumsy understanding’. This blog, I hope, will provide some small step towards correcting the clumsy and ill-considered language and misinformation that passes for authentic witness to homosexual people and their experiences.

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