“Did You Go to Passion 2013? Here’s What Fyodor Dostoyevsky Would Say to You”

(if he were a blogger, I guess? but no, some good stuff here)

I will never forget the advice given to me a few years back by an older, wiser friend who had just planted a church near my hometown. I, as an eager gotta-do-it-yesterday college kid was (and am) excited about church planting. But my friend said to me something to the effect of, “These are not your best years of ministry. Spend this time learning, listening and maturing”. This has stuck with me, and the burden of training, maturing and growing has been my passion, as of late.

If I may, I impart the same advice to the young, eager and undisciplined. Get under good leadership before you try to become good leadership.

more–in a well-wrought institution the fervor of youth is tempered with an intense respect and desire for maturity and endurance.

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