Cherry Blossoms of the Dead: Springtime Horror?

All the other seasons get a good supply of horror flicks. Summer has Sleepaway Camp and the other summer camp slashers, Stand by Me and the other “loneliness of childhood” films, and all the end-of-school flicks from Prom Night to The Boys Next Door. Fall has the Halloween movies, of course–if you want an entry into that field which may be new to you, check out the “Hallowe’en Party” episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, which is quite dark and has incredible, spooky Halloween atmosphere. And winter is just an avalanche of snowbound, frostbitten terror.

But off the top of my head I can’t think of any horror movies in which springtime plays a central role. You’d think it would work: the irony of a zombie spring, the miserable sadness of mourning in the springtime, the blood spattering on the first white crocuses, in northern climes maybe the corpses surfacing as the spring thaw comes. Critters IV, if I recall correctly (and why on earth would I?), has a dying Easter bunny mascot crashing through a stained-glass window… but there must be more to springtime horror than this.

Are there any candidates I’m forgetting?

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