“How Celibate Gay Christians Deal with Desire”

at Yahoo News. Some inaccurate or loaded phrasing, but this is… much better than it had to be!

Between the faction of gay Christians who are happy with their sexual identity and “ex-gays,” who say they’ve removed their homosexual yearnings, is a third group that gets little attention. These so-called Side B Christians identify as gay and believe it’s not sinful to do so. But because they see acting on their orientation as ungodly, they commit to a life of celibacy.

Now, for the first time, a sociologist has taken an in-depth look at what makes Side Bs tick, particularly how they navigate their same-sex desires and their awkward position as stuck in the middle of ex-gay groups and content gay Christians. The study is small, but finds that Side Bs experience both tension and connection with these two groups.

more (via Justin Lee; and LOL at “the study is small.” It’s five people! If it were any smaller it’d be a memoir. Still, obviously, this article is a good early step.)

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