“The Church Failed Millennials, Just Not in the Way You Think It Did”

at Christ & Pop Culture, some interesting stuff–I take no position on either of the Rachel Held Evans pieces which sparked this conversation, and obviously I’m not an evangelical Protestant so in some ways this is outside my sheepfold, but I found the critique in this paragraph quite relevant to Cat’licks as well:

One thing I think the pop Evangelical church has truly dropped the ball on is talking to us about the Church. I mean, honestly, during all the Sunday School lessons, high school talks, and special Bible studies, I’m not sure I heard any solid teaching about the Church until I hit college. This was a problem because once I hit my bitter phases, I didn’t have really have much of a doctrine of the Church to fall back on; to me the Church wasn’t really the beloved bride of Christ; I hadn’t been forced to consider the import of Christ’s body to which He has inseparably bound Himself as its head; there wasn’t really a people of God, elected to be spotless and pure in Him; instead of understanding myself to be a part of the corporate Temple of God, I saw each of us as our own little dwelling of the Spirit, responsible to keep our own act clean.


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