In the LA Area? Come See Movies and Also Me!

The Level Ground Film Festival, which explores the intersection of Christian faith and LGBT life, has already started! I will be doing a whole bunch of stuff with them Thursday and Friday: the Dinner Gala on Thursday, where I’m on a panel screening of the film “Desire of the Everlasting Hills” (exploring the lives of monks with same-sex attraction); the Festival of Books on Friday morning, where I will be reading the chapter on vocation from my forthcoming book about Gay Catholic Whatnot (GET EXCITED); and an afternoon showing of the monk movie, also Friday.

The schedule for everything is here and you can buy tickets here. If you poke around the website you should find lots of other fascinating events surrounding all things queer, Christian, and filmic.

I’m trying to see family while I’m in Shangri-L.A. too, but if you want to get coffee/hang out, let me know and I will see if I can find a time and place.

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