In the DC Area? Have Questions About Faith, Family, & LGBT Christians? Fond of Picnicking?

Come and picnic on Saturday, Oct 1, with Always God’s Children, the ministry of St Matthew’s Cathedral to gay and lesbian Catholics and our families and friends. I will be there & there will be others from a wide range of beliefs and personal situations. Basically if you’d like to meet people who will understand where your questions are coming from, and meet you with empathy no matter where you’re at, consider picnicking with us.

We’ll meet outside the Rock Creek Park Nature Center at 1 pm. Please email me if you’re thinking about attending, so that a) we can coordinate food and b) you can tell me how to get in touch with you if we need to relocate due to inclement weather. The picnic will go on even if it rains but we may move to a member’s house.

The Nature Center is accessible by car & by the E2/E4 bus line. Let me know if you have any questions, if you need to coordinate a car pool, etc. To learn more about AGC, click here. (I don’t remember if we have an email address listed on that page. DON’T USE THAT ONE. Mine, , will get you a MUCH faster response!)

Please do share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

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