AN AGE LIKE THIS: 1) "Can Islam Change?": "...Since 9/11, there has been a seismic shift in this perception. More and more Muslims now perceive Islamic law to be dangerously obsolete. And these include the ulema, the religious scholars and clerics, who have a tremendous hold on the minds of the Muslim masses."Via Hit & Run.2) "Now They Want to Euthanize Children." "FIRST, Dutch euthanasia advocates said that patient killing will be limited to the competent, terminally ill who ask for it. … [Read more...]

And a question of blog is a question of watch...Agenda Bender: Traffic with terrorists and get teased. Useful and slightly wiggy.Get Religion: More on religion and the Beslan massacre.Otto-da-Fe: If you want a break from the news above, you might help Otto concoct a "Tweed Avalanche." Mixologists needed. … [Read more...]

WHY STORIES DIE: INVESTIGATING SELF-CENSORSHIP IN THE MEDIA: Via Hit & Run I see notice of this really interesting event, which I'll definitely try to attend:Why Stories Die: Investigating Self-Censorship in the Media The Arts Club of Washington, 2017 I St., NW Washington, DC 202-331-7282WHAT:A free-for-all discussion about the reasons why worthy articles all too often end up on the editorial scrapheap. Veteran reporters and editors on the panel will examine the decision-making process … [Read more...]

"I COUNT ONLY SUNNY HOURS": FIRST TIMES. Exposit, exposit, exposit. I think the info has been dumped at this point. One short scene left and then this wretched story will be out of my brain.Oh, right: It's about psychics who see, like, different stuff.Feel the enthusiasm radiating off me. Click here for the story so far, here for the most recent section. … [Read more...]

ON THE INTERNET, NO ONE CAN TELL YOU'RE A DOG: Search requests that brought people to this messy little blog:interesting [from Google Canada!] how does filet mignon digest completely in the human body international fame notoriety how to do the moves to elephant man sons example helicopter hungry governmentation [Googlewhack!] how to draw scenes to paint on vertical blinds japanese vs. catfight pictures of crabs in a barrel typical american personality how can philosophy reform criminals by … [Read more...]

"'AS YOU KNOW, BOB...': THE POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES OF INFODUMPS IN WRITING." Most writing-about-writing does nothing for me, but I found this report (on a panel at a sci-fi convention) very helpful. Includes Teresa Nielsen Hayden!I really needed this right now, by the way, since I'm struggling mightily with the midsection of "I Count Only Sunny Hours," which is all exposition all the time, sigh. It would be easier if I hadn't decided the story itself is stupid. Can't wait to kill it off and … [Read more...]