READ ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON ONLINE! Via, appropriately enough, JaneGalt. Free-market economics for people who have a hard time so much as divvying up the bar tab. … [Read more...]

FINDERS KEEPERS: Coffee_and_ink on why you should be reading Finder. Her interests are really different from mine, so it's especially cool to see how many kinds of pleasures this excellent comic provides. … [Read more...]

WHAT BULIMIA DOES TO YOUR BODY. Why Terri Schiavo had her heart attack. Powerful. … [Read more...]


THE MINISTER'S BLACK VEIL: This is a fascinating set of questions and answers about masking--from Aeschylus to the Mardi Gras krewes. Just really excellent stuff about America, social roles vs. individual identity, the physical process of creating a mask, and much more. (And it implicitly explains why Rorschach can't speak in complete sentences!) I do wonder what the author would make of the Nathaniel Hawthorne story which gives this post its title. Masks are usually thought of as concealing … [Read more...]

THREE THINGS WHICH ARE TOO WONDERFUL FOR ME, YEA, FOUR THINGS WHICH I KNOW NOT: This post at JaneGalt is must-reading on libertarianism, tradition, and gay marriage. It's long, but look, it's almost certainly the most important blog post you'll read today, so why not click through? … [Read more...]

ONE IN A MILLION MEN CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL. Wow. Via Amy Welborn. (And yes, apparently this is my week for taking Pet Shop Boys lyrics places they were never meant to go. If they can use the signifiers of my faith, you know, perhaps I can use the signifiers they provide. Anyway, it's all about changing interpretation of ambiguous text, not original intent, right?) … [Read more...]