VAST MUSHROOMS: You know this is the kind of thing that gets me up in the morning. (Afternoon. Whatever.)"The Swiss fungus is considerably smaller than another Honey Mushroom growing in the US."Found in the Malheur national forest in Oregon, that fungus covers 890 hectares (2,200 acres)--making it the largest living organism ever discovered."and it's edible!Via Dappled Things. … [Read more...]

EMAIL: If you emailed me in the past WEEK (grr), and it bounced, please re-send. Very sorry. I don't know what's wrong and am, honestly, not sure it's fixed yet. So I guess, keep trying until you get through, or, if it's urgent, call me. … [Read more...]

And I look down for another all-night keychain, 'Cause it feels more like a blogwatch every day... LAMLand: Liturgical bloopers, aka "My acolyte said to your acolyte, 'I'm gonna set this priest on fire!'" Via Dappled Things.Yale Herald interview with Brian "Gay Ranger" Hughes. I can't believe this is the only piece I've seen that actually engages with the arguments for the military ban; and Brian answers those arguments ably. Kudos to the Herald and to interviewer Therese Lim.Jonetta Rose … [Read more...]

QUEEN OF THE SMALL SCREEN: I keep seeing where Netflix is making extravagant offers to new subscribers and people trying out their service. This suggests to me that they may be struggling financially. I will cry if Netflix fails, so I feel I must bring it to your attention. Netflix is a wonderful service for people who love movies.Take me. I live in downtown DC, a relatively metropolitan area. When I signed up for Netflix I had already scoured the local Blockbuster and the local "indie … [Read more...]

AMERICAN DREAM: A bunch of links about Jason DeParle's new book on poverty and welfare reform, which I'm hoping to read soon. I note that I have not read all of these links yet. But DeParle has seriously impressed me and I am very much looking forward to reading his book. (Hey, do you work for a publication that pays for stuff? Do you want a review? Guess what I can do for you!)Anyway: Brookings Inst. panel on J DeP's book.Mickey Kaus, who likes the new book, critiques an earlier JDeP … [Read more...]

"SHUT UP," HE EXPLAINED: Excellent Jonathan Rauch piece on campaign finance reform a.k.a. political speech regulations:"Now it is official: The United States of America has a federal bureaucracy in charge of deciding who can say what about politicians during campaign season. We can argue, and people do, about whether this state of affairs is good or bad, better or worse than some alternative. What is inarguable is that America now has what amounts to a federal speech code, enforced with jail … [Read more...]

This never was one of the great blogwatches, But I thought you'd always have those young girl's eyes...Get Religion: God and the hurricanes.Lileks: Geekiest Bleat ever... focusing on the music and the glory of one of the very, very, very few episodes of Star Trek (The Original Series, a.k.a. The Only Real Trek) I have never seen. I am consumed by geekness and must watch episode now! Help me, Netflix-Wan--you're my only hope! (Via The Corner.)Oxblog: Extremely important post on Afghan … [Read more...]