ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY TO REMIND YOU about Forum 18, a news service dedicated to reporting on threats to religious freedom around the world. … [Read more...]

HANG UP THE BLOG HABIT, HANG IT UP DADDY: Blah! Two of my favorite comics bloggers, Grotesque Anatomy and Sean Collins, are vamoosing. Already missed, guys.... … [Read more...]

"I COUNT ONLY SUNNY HOURS": A BOY IN THE WAVES. Uh, dueling psychics at Venice Beach. Unfortunately, not as funny as it sounds. Plot device cheerfully stolen from half a dozen pseudo-sci-fi books and TV shows; I first encountered it in Stephen King's Dead Zone, the first third of which is top-notch King with the successive thirds deteriorating apace. Anyway, this is really short and will have a point by the end. I expect to have it done by Monday. As always, your comments and criticism are … [Read more...]

TRAUMA AND SHAME: Powerful post at After Abortion--excerpts from Aphrodite Matsakis's Trust After Trauma: A Guide to Relationships for Survivors and Those Who Love Them. Quotes from the book: "A first and deepest level of shame originates when you are abused or ordered about, even if you have no choice but to accept it. This is the shame of being denigrated. The resulting humiliation is so deep that it requires a great deal of therapy to alleviate it. Not only sexual assault survivors, but … [Read more...]

"AS DIVIDED AS EVERYONE ELSE": Basic, but still very interesting, Chicago Tribune piece on Iraqi-American women's political opinions. Includes brief discussion of Zainab Al-Suwaij, of whom more here. … [Read more...]

JOURNEYMEN THEATER ENSEMBLE: Good piece in the 8/27 Washington City Paper about Deborah Kirby and her new theater troupe, which focuses on plays exploring religious faith. (Kirby is an evangelical Christian.) The troupe's first play was the medieval Everyman. Not all the performers are Christian; the company holds weekly fellowship meetings, but attendance is voluntary. Journeymen is struggling for cash. Sounds like a project that could use your support. Their website is here. … [Read more...]

KITCHEN CHEMISTRY: Tried some weird stuff over the weekend. Recipes were heavily modified from a pasta cookbook I got for my birthday. The verdicts:#1: Four-cheese sauce--which was really three-cheese, since I didn't have parmesan on hand. I think I was supposed to toss the pasta with chopped cheese, and add some sage leaves or something, but that sounded boring. So instead I chopped a tomato and sauteed it with thyme, oregano, basil, black pepper, and cayenne, then added the Gorgonzola, … [Read more...]