"SHIP COMES IN": POISON MOON, REDUX. This is the end of the rough draft of the Norse myths story.Man, what a woolly, misshapen story. It has potential! But I didn't have enough of the mechanics and backstory--the rules of the fictional world--taped down in my head before I started. So I don't think the themes I was trying to explore came through very clearly. Plus, it's overwritten to the point that it's a tic rather than a stylistic choice. Your comments on these and any other matters are, of … [Read more...]


ROBERT SAMUELSON VS. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: "But the truth cannot remain forever obscured. Campaign finance laws must fail at their larger aim of improving public confidence in politics and government. They breed disrespect for law, the Constitution or both. If the laws are aggressively expanded and enforced -- with more limits on contributions, spending and 'coordination' -- people will realize they're losing their rights of free speech and political association. But if the laws are laxly … [Read more...]


"Reading was something Jay knew about only from books, yet he was quite anxious to experience it for himself." --Bride of Dark and Stormy … [Read more...]


"SHIP COMES IN": LIFE INTIMIDATES ART. Second-to-last section of the Norse myths story. This is all Michael all the time. It's also possibly confusing, so please let me know if you read this section and think, "Ah who a what now?!" Any other comments, questions, and criticisms are, as always, not merely accepted but welcomed.I also realized that I'd forgotten to write something without which Michael and Sigyn's actions make very little sense. So if you're reading, please do check out the end … [Read more...]


IT'S AN INTERVIEW WITH TELFORD WORK! excerpts: "...I don't know whether ['The Passion of the Christ'] will have helped or hindered knowledge of Christ in the wider culture. I have no idea what unchurched Christians' long-term reactions will be. However, within evangelicalism I am a little worried about it. After the film I spent a good deal of time explaining Catholic soteriology to some very confused and distressed Protestant students. Evangelical theology is a poor theological grid for … [Read more...]


SALAM PAX IS HERE. Well, actually he's in Najaf, God help him. But you know what I mean. … [Read more...]


THE FINAL FRONTIER: PLANETES v. 2 and 3. Just finished the second and third volumes of this ongoing, excellent sci-fi manga series. Scattered thoughts:First of all, go read Planetes. It's a messy, character-focused space exploration story that manages to almost-successfully combine episodic drama and a strong plot arc. There are some beautiful moments (the books are worth it just for the drawings of space, or for static lovelinesses like the vol 3 image of the dragonfly against the moon) and … [Read more...]