OPINIONDUEL: A National Review/New Republic debate site. Pretty cool.Via Oxblog. … [Read more...]


STOPP: STOPPING PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Profile in Newsweek--how small pro-life groups can score victories. … [Read more...]


Do the blogwatch! Out in the parking lot, Do the blogwatch, Yeah you stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp...Dave Tepper: His report on our abstract-art conversation. (I don't understand how his permalinks work, so you'll have to scroll down to "Scenes from a Thai Restaurant.") More on this soonish.Grotesque Anatomy: Silver Age hilarity. "Before I hit the water, I'll dance the cha-cha-cha -- wave my cape like a flag -- then finish the dive while saluting with one paw!""It's silly, but I actually … [Read more...]


"Most of what are usually thought of as the legal benefits of marriage are really gifts with strings attached. Or maybe strings with gifts attached." --Jonathan Rauch, Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for AmericaI'm going to refrain (mostly) from arguing with this book until I've finished it, so I figured I'd quote you a true and nicely-put bit instead of one of the more problematic bits. I will note that if Rauch doesn't start talking about sex soon, instead … [Read more...]


LAW AND WHAT I'VE BEEN THINKING: So I maybe get a bit aggressive on the subject of nonrepresentational art. Tepper provided by far the most interesting explanation of its appeal that I've heard so far. I will share with you all and see a) what you think of it and b) whether you agree with me that this seems like a very legal approach to art. (That's neither an insult nor a compliment.)I have found it hard to see the point of very abstract art. You know: what I called, talking to Tepper, "the … [Read more...]


OUTSIDE OVER THERE: Today was as social for me as all of last week put together.... Ran into Shamed on the way to the coffeeshop; got a letter from Ratty; then ran into Tepper at Jonathan Rauch's book talk and had a wonderful conversation of which slightly more presently.Also, taxes are done. TurboTax: Because numbers frighten me. Apparently the government does not want people to be entrepreneurs. This year I filed no W2s, only 1099s, and let me tell you, I can't believe that horrible thing … [Read more...]


Blogwatch, it's not a blogwatch so you feel a bit insulted...Camassia on blogging and faith: "Book learning is, I'm sure, deeper than blogging for people who already have had in-person experience with faith and church. But for those outside, with no idea where to start, blogging is a much better way in."If Telford had never started his blog, not only would I never have met him, I most likely would never have met anyone like him."Family Scholars: Beautiful post from Elizabeth Marquardt … [Read more...]